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About GEM Safety

Our Mission

To be a recognised provider of first-class safety training courses and consultancy to organisations and individuals, who require our support in meeting and achieving their compliance training and consultancy needs.

Our Vision

  • To ensure we meet the training and consultancy needs of our clients, now and in the future.
  • To provide a fun and engaging learning experience within a comfortable and relaxed environment.
  • To help teams and individuals achieve their goals by building confidence and competence.

Our Values

Our values are central to the way we seek to operate as an organisation and treat those we work with. Every team member of GEM Safety Ltd is committed to making these values a reality.

  • Quality – Always working to the highest standards.
  • Integrity – Consistently open, honest, trustworthy and genuine.
  • Commitment – Dedicated to what we do and who we work with.
  • Passionate – Our passion drives and motivates us to excel.
  • Supportive – Helping our clients to achieve their goals.
  • Success – Celebrating the achievement of those we teach.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated and driven individuals who are:

  • Gavin Milligan – Managing Director
  • Emma Milligan – Quality Manager
  • Alice Brooksbank – Administration Manager
  • Louise Metcalfe – Senior Administrator
  • Tom Dunne – Sales Administrator
  • Susan Ackroyd – Finance Manager
  • Mark Burrell – Senior Consultant and Trainer
  • Richard Shippey – Consultant and Trainer
  • Chris Howlett – Trainer
  • Mick Bagshaw – Trainer
  • Gloria Cooke – Trainer
  • Jason Hine – Trainer
  • Johnny Valentine – Trainer

Together we are GEM Safety Ltd providers of Health and Safety Training and Consultancy services.

Gavin Milligan
Gavin MilliganManaging Director
Emma Milligan
Emma MilliganQuality Manager
Alice Brooksbank
Alice BrooksbankAdministration Manager
Louise Metcalfe
Louise MetcalfeSenior Administrator
Tom Dunne
Tom DunneCentre Administrator
Susan Ackroyd
Susan AckroydFinance Manager
Mark Burrell
Mark BurrellSenior Consultant and Trainer
Gloria Cooke
Gloria CookeTrainer
Johnny Valentine
Johnny ValentineTrainer